Saturday, June 5, 2010

St James Anglican Church

This church is on County Road 45 between Hastings and Cobourg. It's high up on a hill and is quite an uplifting sight on the drive south.

It cost $866 dollars to build in 1863 and is in use today. I'm often surprised by the number of small churches in Ontario. Some are disused and converted into homes but the majority seem to have congregations.

The church is made of pine and a post and beam construction has been used. That's vertical posts with some horizontal beams plonked on top. I think the architectural style is Carpenter Gothic but I'm not sure if it has enough twiddly bits to qualify.

The plaque outside the church tells us that the bell was donated in 1925 by two pioneer families, the Dropes and the Cloynes, to commemorate their arrival 100 years before. The bell is 38 inches in diameter which is apparently something to boast about, also boastworthy is that the bell is only 8 inches smaller than the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia.

The best thing about this church? The disabled elevator/lift at the side of the steps.

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Kcalpesh said...

Awesome Structure!!! Beautifully shot!!

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