Monday, June 28, 2010

Leaves of Three Let It Be

Poison ivy lurking under the cedar hedge. Any ideas on how to get rid of it without resorting to Hazmat suits?

Obviously we don't want to kill the cedar hedge and bearing in mind that in Ontario you can't use weedkillers that actually work- unless you are on a golf course of course, they are really important for some reason.


Rob Inukshuk said...

Move...or make friends with a green keeper.

kym said...

Gardening gloves? And throw them out when your finished??

ms toast burner said...

Borrow a goat. I've heard they can eat it and not be affected... but then, the goat might eat the cedar hedge and everything else in your garden!

Now I've got that Stones' song in my head...

You're gonna need an ocean
Of calamine lotion
You'll be scratching like a hound
The minute you start to mess around

Poison ivy, poison ivy