Thursday, June 24, 2010

Earthquake and Tornado (almost)

What day yesterday was.  First of all we are on storm watch with a possibility of tornadoes. Then the house wobbled. I was in the kitchen and didn't really notice it, I just felt a little odd- so nothing new there. Maybe a little dizzy but my man said he felt a wobble. The lights and some mobiles started swaying and that was it. Ooo, and there was a bit of a thud.  This picture in the sunroom moved position and that was it.  We were lucky.

The earthquake was graded a 5.0 and the epicentre was 300km away - just north of Ottawa.  

We stayed lucky yesterday when later on we realised that were had been put back on storm watch, on a storm warning with possible tornadoes. So we ran around in the dark with the wind whipping up grabbing lawns chairs and other stuff and putting them in the garage.  Fortunately we just had torrential rain and high winds around 11pm to midnight and then again later on. The blinds were being blown out from the windows, it was pitch black and in the light from the street lamps I could see the trees swaying.  No tornado for us thankfully but others weren't so lucky. I looked out around 3 am and all was calm, you could see the back yard again.

This morning I found our older cat sleeping in the shower in the spare bathroom. She must have read the instructions on where to hide in case of tornados.


kym said...

Heard about the quake...glad all is okay...apparently it was felt all the way down here in NJ.

Wild times we live in.

Frostbite and Sunburn said...

Cats can be smart like that !

Glad all was OK in the end for you and garden furniture was saved - how did the veggie patch fair? - not too beaten up by the wind and rain I hope!