Monday, May 31, 2010

The Damn Boat

We bought a boat last year, a very old boat. The man selling it had bought it on e-bay and 'done it up'. First time we put it the water the motor wouldn't start, with some battery boosting it started and we went out for a short trip. When we came back to the launching dock the motor stopped and wouldn't start again. We hauled the damn boat onto the trailer just thankful we were at the launching dock when it died. We took the boat to the marina and they serviced the engine etc but by the time we got the boat back the weather had changed and we never managed to get the Damn Boat back out on the water.

The Damn Boat spent the winter at the marina and we got it back just before the long weekend. A very nice neighbour was coming out with us to show us a few spots on the lake etc. The Damn Boat wouldn't start, men fiddled with spark plugs and battery boosters and we were off, briefly, The Damn Boat's engine had stalled. So there we were floating down the river. Neighbours were passing by, ropes were thrown and not caught. Husband got the paddle out and aimed us to the shore, Very Nice Neighbour jumped in the water and pulled us to a neighbour's dock. We moored up. Husband went to buy a new battery, I stayed with the Damn Boat. Guard duty, someone had to sit there in the sun, by the river.

Husband returned with new battery, Very Nice Neighbour returned, the Damn Boat started and off we went down the river into the lake. It was good, I think, apart from the idiots who drive too fast, especially the one who was making a wake for a jetski to jump. The result was a huge unavoidable wake that sent us flying out of our seats. I have the bruises from the landing, landing back in the seat was better than landing in the water of course.

I think boating is fun, I'll let you know when I'm certain it is.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Where I live

A couple of pictures to start my blog off. They are both of the village we live in. I'll tell you more of that in later posts as well as the area we live in.

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