Wednesday, June 30, 2010

gardens update

Poison ivy isn't the only thing that's doing well in the yards/gardens. The weather has been a mix of heavy rain and hot sun so things are flourishing. The veggie gardens/plots are not cropping yet apart from the kale. Why did we plant kale? No idea at all, the stuff tastes bitter and has a very rubbery texture, beware of dark green leaves I think.  It's not nice at all but it does look very pretty with its curly edges leaves.  Peas, peppers, and bush beans are flowering, courgettes/zucchini are growing and almost ready to crop. There are some green tomaytoes/tomartoes on the vines too. Eggplant/aubergine is making slow progress but it did last year too.

So far the critters haven't munched anything.

I'm still not used to the short growing season we have here but somehow it makes it more exciting to see everything growing in such a short space of time.

This is where I am trying the three sisters method. Down on the left is corn, pole beans, and squash. They are apparently good friends and grow well together. The classic ingredients to a North American Thanksgiving dinner.  On the right are some potatoes and further back some rhubarb.

Language notes: In British English a back yard is an area of concrete or paving with no flowers. In Canadian it's the whole area behind your house, the lawns, the flower beds etc. This in British English is the back garden. A garden in Canadian is an area of soil with flowers or vegetables in it. In British this would be a flower bed or vegetable plot.

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