Friday, July 30, 2010


Yesterday's drive and walk took me up north of Highway 7 near Cordova Mines. The scenery changes from the rolling hills and farmland in this area to dramatic rocky outcrops surrounded by conifers and silver birch trees. This is the start of the Canadian Shield, a huge swathe of land covering much of eastern and northern Canada. It's mostly forest with thin top soil covering ancient granite. The rocks have many minerals which have been and are mined. Gold and silver were mined at Cordova.

The buildings and land of my friend's house were previously an fish hatchery but are now a gorgeous home with riverside walks and cabin.

This is the view from the ice house where the fish were stored

A good spot for fishing, or just contemplating

Camping at home

Sharing a stick

The house and outbuildings, with beautiful gardens

The lake at the end of the road


Rob Inukshuk said...

What a glorious spot. Now with all those trees around, couldn't those silly mutts find their own stick? Lol.

ms toast burner said...

What lovely scenes. I could see myself sitting in one of those chairs all day. Bliss.

Anonymous said...

nice place