Thursday, July 8, 2010

heatwave and smog Skywatch Friday

Seven days into a heatwave, 5 days of temps above 30C. Right now at 8.30pm it is 34C, indoors and out.

This was the view at 7:30 this morning, it looks lovely but that haze is smog blown up from Toronto, SE Ontario and from the the Ohio Valley in the USA dumping ozone on us.

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Luna Miranda said...

34C--wow, it's almost like you're in Manila. only we have higher humidity and the smog is worse than yours.:p

Hilda said...

Oh dear. I'm so sorry to hear that it's smog. It does look lovely, though, as you say.

Carolyn said...

Beautiful photos but the thought of being there just makes me cringe. Every once in a while I get sucked into this false sense of maybe I will move back to Ontario until these temperatures happen and I remember all too well what it is like! I hope it eases off soon, in the meantime try and stay cool.

Rob Inukshuk said...

Indeed lovely to look at and you've taken great pics, but it's no fun to live in. And those crazy temps? Way too hot for me.

Pearl Maple said...

Great photos, particularly like that last view with the road leading off to the horizon. Happy Sky Watch Friday!

Lesley said...

It has been unbearably hot. (at the moment, it we are having heavy rain, so it may cool off a biut?)

Love the photos of the - gasp - smoggy view!

ms toast burner said...

How on earth are you going to keep your gin and tonics cool?!?! ;-)

That's brutal heat and smog... the photos are lovely though!

Keep cool chickie!