Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Dog Days of Summer

Aren't very pleasant at all.

                                                                    The outside thermometer

The inside thermometer

Factor in some humidity,the humidex and it feels like 44C, that's over 110F.

Environment Canada have issued this Special Weather Statement

Today will be a day of elevated air pollution.  Help spare the air
By taking public transit or by car pooling.  The air quality index
Is expected to exceed the poor threshold of 50..Due to ground level 
ozone and fine particulate matter.

The weather will remain mainly sunny and hot with light winds due to 
a stagnant weather pattern.  Pollutants from US and Ontario sources 
will react with sunlight to form photochemical smog.

Many of our leisure activities contribute to smog formation.
Help spare the air by reducing car trips..Avoiding the use of oil
Based paints..Solvents..And gas powered engines such as lawn mowers 
and chain saws.

During the episode individuals may experience eye irritation.
Heavy outdoor exercise may cause respiratory symptoms such as 
coughing or shortness of breath.  People with heart or lung disease 
including asthma may experience a worsening of their condition.


ms toast burner said...

It's a bummer when you can't play with your chainsaw...

That's much too warm, good luck keeping cool!

Frostbite and Sunburn said...

ooh, yuck - too warm - I don't like "melting" weather - but the upside is that you can legitimately put off mowing the lawn for a few more days!

Do you have a wee pool up and running yet?!