Friday, July 2, 2010

Canada Day - Part 3- Elvis!!!

Probably no words needed but you are getting some anyway.

Early evening - before the fireworks- we went to Campbellford to see/hear Elvis. An Elvis tribute act though not the real thing as he didn't move over the border even though deep fried sugar coated foods are plentiful here and would be a big attraction to him.

Note the Canada chairs in use.

Elvis handing out Maple Leaf flags, not a sight you see everyday.

An Elvis meets Monty Python shot here.

He was great,  a rather tongue in cheek impression rather than an accurate one, and an excellent entertainer. The crowd was jolly, we sang along, Elvis handed out leis and kissed the girls. The classic Elvis songs got people up dancing  - especially the wrinklies who showed us a thing or two about jiving, arthritis restricted some of the moves but it was so lovely to see the couples dancing.  It reminded me of the movie/film Cocoon.

Canada Day was much fun, a lovely, happy day where people were proud to celebrate their country's birthday but did it without smugness and superiority. Just happy.


ms toast burner said...

Canada Day looked great in your neck of the woods... Elvis envy.

Were those square dancers?

me said...

No, not square dancers, these were step dancers, tap dancing thing that goes with fiddle playing.