Friday, September 24, 2010

Fall Fotos

Ontario in the fall. There will be photos, and fall colour blogging galore. I feel no shame in joining in, after all it is absolutely glorious. I like autumn in England with its mellow shades of gold and bronze, the smells of fallen leaves and the mists. Here in Ontario we have the fall. It's sudden and "in yer face" Wonderful reds added to the golds and bronzes. The yellow of goldenrod glows from the fields. The nights are cool and hopefully the days are warm. The end of summer and the threat of winter.


Anonymous said...

Aahh...wonderful fall colours. I'm looking forward to seeing loads of pics of one of the Ontario pleasures I will miss this year.

ms toast burner said...

Lovely, lovely. Such a gorgeous time of the year (there, not here).